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  1. For the use of the Church

    The Norway Point Community Church does not have a resident minister or staff, so when you decide to be married at Norway Point Community Church (N.P.C.C.) proceed with the following:

    1. contact the wedding secretary to;
      • confirm availability of the church for the time and date of the wedding and for the rehearsal (see page 4 for names and telephone numbers)
      • request application forms for the solemnization of marriage. There are three copies of these application forms:
      • one for you, the applicant
      • one for the minister/priest
      • one for the wedding secretary/church representative
    2. contact the minister/priest who will officiate at your wedding to determine the wedding date and time, the rehearsal times and to arrange when it would be convenient to get his/her signature for the wedding application
    3. a donation of $1,000.00 payable by cheque, made out to Norway Point Community Church, is required. The writer of the cheque will receive a receipt for income tax purposes. Mail the cheque and application forms to the Wedding Secretary. Be sure that all blanks on the form are filled including the minister’s/ priest’s signature.
  2. Music

    The role of music in the wedding service is to express the joyous nature of the worship of God. The Director of Music of Norway Point Community Church may play at your wedding. Please contact this person if you would like him/her to play for you.

  3. The Marriage License

    The marriage license is obtainable at any city/town hall office. It mat be obtained 90 days before the wedding but no later than 3 days before the wedding.

  4. Wedding Service Bulletins

    Some couples like to have the wedding service printed in a bullet form for the use of their guests and as a memento of the wedding. Such a service bulletin not only outlines the order of service, but it also lists the names of the people in the wedding party. Some couples choose to place a personal message to their guests in the bulletin. You should consult with your minister/priest about the details of the order of service and you shall be responsible for securing the bulletin covers and other arrangements for printing and distributing before the service and also collecting those not taken after the service.

  5. Wedding Signs

    If you wish to make extra signage for your wedding you are responsible for placing and for removal no later than the day after the wedding.

  6. Flowers and Decoration

    If you are having floral arrangements, please make an appointment with the Wedding Secretary, well before your wedding, to visit the Church to see its layout; to determine placement standards of flowers and/or decorations; to learn which pieces of furniture may be moved and further discuss any concerns for your wedding with the Wedding Secretary. Please be sure to call the Wedding Secretary to ensure the church is open when delivery is made. You may also bring pew bows if you desire. Please use proper hangers for flower arrangements when placing same on doors. Only battery operated candles are permitted.

    Please ask your guests to refrain from use of confetti anywhere on church property. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the church property, including the dock.

  7. Pictures at the Wedding

    Pictures may be taken before the service begins in the entrance to the Sanctuary. Pictures may also be taken during the signing of the Register, and in the center aisle as the wedding party leaves the church. Once the bridal party proceeds down the aisle, the service has begun and no pictures may be taken, unless agreed to previously by the minister/priest. Our experience dictates the flashing cameras can be a distraction to the bride, groom and congregation and this disrupts the sense of worship. One video camera may be an exception to this provided the operator remains stationary and operates from a corner position agreed to by the minister/priest.

  8. Parking

    Supervison of parking is necessary because of the limited space available. The church representatives will attend the rehearsals (to explain the supervision of parking) and will also attend the wedding. Please advise your guests to follow the church signs and directions from church representatives so that maximum parking may be provided.

  9. Honorarium – For the minister or priest

    An honorarium should be placed in a separate addressed envelope and given to the minister/priest at the rehearsal or before the wedding service. Gifts may be given at the couple’s discretion.

  10. Following the Service

    Have previously appointed two (2) ushers to be responsible for replacing any moved furniture, do a quick tour of the church to pick up articles left behind by the departing guests and to pick up any wedding paraphernalia. If “rose petals” have been scattered in the church they too must be picked up as the church will not be cleaned before the next day’s church service.

Contact Persons at Norway Point Community Church
Wedding Secretary
Gloria Woodside
Director of Music
Lesia Deacon
4 Braemore GardensToronto, ON M6G 2C8
Home: (416) 651-4247
Cell: 416-788-7671

“We hope that you have a joyous and meaningful wedding at our church. May God bless you and your family and friends as you celebrate your new life together.”

The Christian Rite of Marriage is a service of worship. Those who come as guests are part of the worshipping community. In this act of worship the congregation gathers to celebrate God’s gracious gifts and to seek, with the bride and bridegroom, God’s blessing upon their lives and relationships.

Norway Point Community Church (N.P.C.C.) is a seasonal, country church with visiting ministers taking the summer and Thanksgiving services. Our facilities are limited; there is no running water; we have an outhouse with a composting toilet and a very small “powder room”.

Church services are held on Sundays during the summer between the end of June and Labour Day, as well as Thanksgiving Sunday and Christmas Eve. Marriage services may be held at other times of the year if the church representatives are available to open and close the church building. The N.P.C.C. does not have a permanent paid custodian and depends entirely on volunteers.

The following guidelines have been prepared in order that you may understand our wedding procedures at Norway Point Community Church. It is made available to you by the Board of Stewards in the hope that it will help you to make your wedding a meaningful and joyous occasion.

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